XL Serving Platter, Ingrid Pattern, Teal/Turquoise Glaze

$ 140.00

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This is a extra large sturdy stoneware shallow serving bowl/platter, thrown on the wheel in my Seattle studio. It is glazed in my Teal/Turquoise glaze in the Elizabeth Pattern.

The approx dimensions of the bowl are 13" wide x 2.75" tall

This is a great size for a family salad, fruit bowl, or popcorn or chips at a party.

Applying the pattern using my handmade stencils is time consuming, and the price reflects the hours that this takes to make!

The brown color is the natural color of the clay, left unglazed. The clay is fired to cone 4 and is vitrified, holding water, and is meant for use with food. Clay and glazes are lead-free.

This can go in the dishwasher but because of the size, it's probably best to hand-wash carefully!